Static Method in Class

Static method calls are made directly on the class and cannot make calls on instances of the class. The static methods are similar to normal methods but with static keyword assigned to the front of the method
class Animal {

    constructor(animalName, noise) {
        this._animalName = animalName;
        this._noise = noise;
    get AnimalName() {
        return this._animalName;
    get Noise() {
        return this._noise;
    static IsFourLegged(animalName) {
        let animals4Legged = ['dog', 'sheep', 'cow', 'tiger', 'lion'];

        return animals4Legged.indexOf(animalName) === 0 ? 'yes' : 'no idea';


Here IsFourLegged() method is a static method.


var animalInstance = new Animal('dog', 'barks');

console.log(animalInstance.IsFourLegged('sheep'));///Uncaught TypeError: animalInstance.IsFourLegged is not a function

So static method calls cannot be made on instance if you try you will get Uncaught TypeError

Animal.Eats = function (animalName, foodName) {
    console.log(animalName + ' eats ' + foodName);

It will create a static method Eats. This is the alternate way of including additional static methods to a class. Important thing to notice here is the Eats() method implemented outside the class implementation


console.log(Animal.Eats('tiger', 'flesh'));//tiger eats flesh


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