Rainbow Tables


Rainbow by definition is

a display of the colours of the spectrum produced by dispersion of light.

Processing of highly computational tasks require more time and resources. So to avoid it we usually cache/store the computed results. In the same way for cracking a password by brute force way requires more computational power because need to generate random passwords, so to avoid it precomputed results are stored in a table (Rainbow Table) & then later on compared by querying the table to retrive the password. In addition to this most commonly used passwords are also stored in the rainbow table.

Problem nowadays is we have to login to multiple website’s like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Official accounts, etc.. and list gets growing & if someone uses same password for all the website’s & if one of them gets compromised all website’s can be hacked. So how to secure your passwords? I recently came across a course from a popular online training site which I found it quite interesting & sensible. Please have a look at How to remember every password?

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