Mathematics Tricks

Mathematics is a subject which to many find it difficult but there are lots of tricks in it which makes the mathematics actually fun to learn. So in this post I will share few of the simple tricks which I learnt.

Multiply any number by 11
There is easy way to multiply any number by 11

Example 1:
125134 x 11

Traditional way
x 11
Vedic way

In this example’s first step sum of two┬ánumbers is less than 10 so this is pretty simple in next example I will show you how to handle if sum of two number is greater than 9

Example 2:

1991 x 11

Vedic way

If you notice here sum of two numbers in the first step is greater than 9 for some numbers. So split the digits and carry forward it to left starting from the left. So the final answer is 21901


Is Number divisible by 9

How to check if a number is divisible by 9

21114 / 9

Traditional way

Vedic way

Just add all the digits in it (21114) and if its sum is 9 then it is divisible by 9 else not

Here 2+1+1+1+4 = 9


Multiplying base 100 numbers

If you want to multiply numbers near base 100 the below technique can be done

We are aware of traditional way.

Vedic way

Example a:

93 x 98 = 9114

Now remove the \ then the answer is 9114

Example b:
103 x 105 = 10815

Now remove the \ then the answer is 10815


Multiplying base 50 numbers
If you are multiplying any number near 50 then this technique can be used
Example 1:
42 x 46 =1932

Vedic way


Square of number ending with 5

If you want to find the square of number ending with 5 then below is the technique

Example a: Square of 25


Example b: Square of 65

Example c: Square of 105

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