How much Temperature & Time to cook by Induction Stove?

Induction cooking heats a cooking vessel by electrical induction, instead of by thermal conduction from a flame, or an electrical heating element. Which I hope everybody knows to know more about how induction cooking click here

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the efficiency of energy transfer for an induction cooker is 84%, versus 74% for a smooth-top non-induction electrical unit, for an approximate 12% saving in energy for the same amount of heat transfer

The below is the efficiency on various stove

Type Efficiency
Gas 40%
Electric 74%
Induction 84%

Many are not aware about the right temperature to be set. Any food requires a right temperatures/ingredient/tools etc… So I am sharing the temperature and time requires to cook for most commonly prepared South Indian food

Boiling Milk Steel 1/2 Litter ~100c / ~500w – ~130c / ~800w ~3 mins
Cooking Normal Rice Induction Cooker 1 Cup ~10 to 15 mins
Cooking Kerala Matta Rice Induction Cooker 1 Cup Rice & 6 Cup Water ~180c / ~1300 till first whistle then reduce to ~130c / ~800w If rice soaked for 30 mins then ~25 else ~30 mins
Cooking Chikpeas Induction Cooker ~160c / ~1000w ~15 to ~17 mins
Cooking Green Gram/Cowpea Induction Cooker ~160c / ~1000w ~10 to ~12 mins
Cooking Green Beans Induction Cooker ~160c / ~1000w ~8 to ~10 mins
Cooking Bean Induction Cooker ~160c / ~1000w ~15 to ~17 mins
Cooking Carrots Induction Cooker ~160c / ~1000w ~8 to ~10 mins
Cooking Puttu Induction Cooker ~130c / ~800w Boil the water with max temperature then once after water is boiled then it would take ~11 to ~13 mins
Cooking Potato Induction Cooker ~160c / ~1000w ~8 to ~10 mins
Dosa/Chappathi/Roti Pan/Thava ~130c / ~800w ~2 mins
Egg Bullseye Pan/Thava ~130c / ~800w ~2 mins


  • Always soak theĀ pulses forĀ at least 5 hours
  • Better not use pure steel pressure cookers/pan vessels

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