Check List – Travelling Abroad or Cold Countries or Warm Countries

I have consolidated the list of things which you might need to take care while going abroad

General Things to Care

  • Keep a copy of Emergency Phone Numbers in a hand luggage also store it in your mobile & email.
  • Keep a copy of Address where you are going to stay in a hand luggage also store it in your mobile & email.
  • Have minimal/required set supplements/medicines in the hand luggage (also never keep all your medicines/supplements inside your hand luggage because security guys may not allow you to take it). Also have the doctors prescription along with it
  • Take a Photocopy & Scanned soft copy of Passport, VISA & other important documents and store it in your email/pen drive/keep it inside another check-in luggage. Also share a copy of it to a friend or relative
  • Tag your luggage to identify it easily this will be helpful while getting the checked-in bags/luggage from the airport. Stick the address & name of destination on the luggage. (May be tying some bright color ribbon on the handle of the luggage)
  • Stay Hydrated your body require more water to smoothly run. Try to avoid alcohol/coffee for initial few days
    Maintain Hygiene
  • Have some local/destination currency cash in your wallet
  • Check for local/destination temperature some times season may be warm/cold depending on the season. For example when Asian/Western have summer Australia/NewzeaLand might have winter.
  • Check for local/destination holidays before planning to travel. If you are planning to travel on holidays expect flight ticket fare & hotel fare might get inflated/increased, expect crowd if you are planning to shop. So sooner the ticket booked lesser the fare
  • The Flight ticket always contain the local destinations date & time.
  • Check for duration of travel. Also check the duration it would take to reach the local address from destination airport.
  • If you are using digital watch or mobile or laptop learn how to change the timezone instead of changing the time you can change the timezone
  • If you are using Windows operating system you can have multiple clocks read from the article
  • Wear Bulky items on plane to save from luggage space & weight
  • If you are going to stay in Hotels check for the reviews. Yes, of course you will 🙂
  • Never carry any fruit/flower seeds or plants
  • Electric Power adapters might vary depending upon the country. Also voltage might also vary from 100 to 230 volts so please take care of your electornic & electrical items (like electric shaver) carefuly it might burn off if not taken care. Most laptops and mobile chargers shouldn’t have any issues. Try to get universal power adapters so that you can plug anywhere
  • Finally “Less luggage more comfort“

Cold Countries

  • If you are planning to travel to cold countries there are few things which you need to take care. I have prepared a list items which can be considered while leaving to cold countries.
  • Skin Moisturizers which are good for your skin and prevents from itching. Preferably apply immediately after bath.
  • No to Dry soap/shampoo don’t use soaps/shampoos which may dry up your skin or scalp
  • Toilet Mug: this is required people who are travelling from countries like South Asia usually they use water to wash their private parts. In western countries you may not find a mug.
  • Non Veg Food/Halal food: watch out for foods like pepperoni (usually made of pork/beef), sausage (made from animal intestine), ham (processed pork)
  • Warm Cloth/Dress: First of all check for the temperature of the country where you are going depending upon on it you can choose the different kinds of warm clothes (Gloves/Scarves/sweater/thermal wears/water proof jacket/woolen tights or leggings, etc..)
  • Try to Sleep during destination ports/place time this may help you to recover from Jet Lag soon
  • Use Sunscreen/UV Protected lotion/Sun glass if you are going to countries where you find snow. UV rays will be high when sunlight falls on snow & when it gets reflected to your skin
  • Use Lip balms to prevent from lip crack
  • Foot wear: sandals are good when temperature is warm, use shoes or boots to keep you warm from cold

Warm Countries

  • If you are planning to go warm countries where temperature is hot/warm the following are the few of the items to care about
  • If you are going to middle east you may get caught of throat infection. So carry few Strepsils or equivalent
  • If you are travelling to Arabic Specking countries try learn at-least the numbers because see the below image

  • You may have to take bath everyday 🙂
  • Roads may not be very great if you are moving out of big cities
  • There will be lots of spicy foods (Esp if you are going to South Asian Countries) so take it slow & don’t have all dishes in a meal
  • There are some hilly places in warm countries as well so expect cold temperature. The temperature may go down till 0ºC / 32ºF so better to check for local temperature. (Altitude of the place matters)

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